VII HILLS GIN “Designed in Italy, Crafted in London”

We're super excited to welcome the wonderfull VII HILLS GIN to the Gin & Tonic Club !

VII HILLS is the first Italian, London Dry Gin produced in the artisanal, hand crafted London Dry Gin style and blended on a foundation of sugar beat with botanicals from the Seven Hills of Rome in small batch, copper pot, non-filtered pure distillation. The process results in an aromatic and exceptionally smooth juniper, citrus orange and vanilla note nectar, balanced by a peppery fennel and bay leaf finish. 

VII Hills is designed to either be savored neat, in a wide belly cognac snifter, or as the foundation of your favorite premium cocktail. Partnered with premium ingredients or premium brewed tonic water, VII Hills produces a distinct and superior beverage experience.